"Transport Company Logopark Raevskaya" – group company, providing all available modes of transport using own and involved road, air and rail transport. It provides insurance of goods in transit in the leading insurance company in Russia and the world. Performs all necessary procedures for the protection of high-value goods.


The total warehouse area is over 19 200 sq.m., almost the same number of pallets capacity. Warehouses are equipped with security and video surveillance around the clock. The use of modern warehouse technology allows to complete and deliver customer orders to a total volume of 167 thousand boxes per day.

3PL Services

Your company may waive its own warehouse and transport - costs that are on a budget load. Large warehouses of our company (over 19,200 sq.m. ) will ensure the needs of the largest suppliers. We are confident that our proposal will be economically beneficial to you.

Very convenient location of warehouses!

The construction site of the Logistics Park is selected taking into account the availability of convenient transport. Logistics Park "Raevskaya" is located 21 kilometers from the Novorossiysk Sea Port and 16 kilometers from the city of Anapa, which opens up additional opportunities for transport and delivery of your goods.

We offer

  • - Services on maintenance responsibility for major clients in the areas of 5000 sq. m.
  • - Services in the rental of storage space for large customers from 5000 sq. m.
  • - Services for the general maintenance responsibility (for small customers)
  • - The possibility of cooperation under the terms of construction of warehouses for a specific customer, and subsequent maintenance or sell ready-made objects


  • - responsible storage of a wide range of products in modern storage areas;
                                 stacked, shelving, close-meshed storage of goods storage of goods on pallets any kind
  • - operations for unloading / loading of all types of vehicles, w / d containers and wagons, oversized cargo operations;
                                 cross-doking operations mechanized and manual handling various options for receiving and shipment of goods (pallets, boxes, pieces)
  • - conducting operations on an automated inventory control, full and selective inventory;
                                 serial accounting product tracking expiration dates