Responsible storage

Presence of a warehouse - it is a prerequisite for any company engaged in trade.                          What do you do if your own space for storage of goods and structuring your business does not have?                          In this situation, the best option is to rent.

The list of services of warehousing "Logopark Raevskaya" somewhat expanded. In particular, there were proposals, called responsible storage. This relatively new service rapidly caught on open spaces of our country, which is understandable, because it eliminates the cost of maintaining their own storage and maintaining appropriate documentation. Responsible storage becomes important for companies that doing irregular activities and do not require permanent areas for storage of goods.

Selecting service "Responsible storage" guarantees the safety and proper storage of goods, in accordance with the existing agreement between the supplier and the recipient. Wherein, there is no need for the cost of maintaining their own storage space, specialized equipment and, of course, staff. In addition, the company, using responsible storage service, receives a "hands on" documents, which has fixed lessor liability.

We offer

Responsible storage service is beter left to professionals, are fully responsible for the safety of the cargo in accordance with the agreement between the Depositor and the Custodian. It's easier for Depositor to include in the budget of his company costs for Responsible storage of goods, than the cost of content and organization of their own warehouse or rental warehouse.

Warehouse technical equipment

Our warehouse in Novorossiysk equipped with modern cargo handling equipment. Established six tier racking system height of 11 m. We work with all kinds of goods. All services are performed at the highest level with an individual approach to each client.